Andy Moor/Kaffe Matthews Locks

Kaffe Matthews, long known for making noise and drone music through violin, now works with something known ambiguously as the live converter, while Andy Moor creates noise, drones and melodies with his guitar. Together, the two engage in some hefty textural sound explorations. Some parts of Locks engage in a prog rock jam session, on par with Can, and sometimes this recording sounds like communication noises created by extra terrestrials. Moor and Matthews create some charming sound patterns, raw sonic weaving, along with serious conceptual rocking out. After listening to Matthews' previous work, CD DD, I find that any project Matthews is involved in always sounds like what rock music may be like 20 or 30 years from now, as her work is not so much adventurous as visionary. Andy Moor has some great ideas with the guitar, and one gets the feeling that Matthews helps better articulate those ideas. Moor, to his credit, brings tangible emotion and accessibility to what might just be brazen adventurous noise. If you have adventurous taste in rock music, or like your abstract to have some form and focus, Locks is on point. (Un)