Andy Hunter Exodus

Hunter spins praise and pure electro spirit in his techno driven audio interpretation of Exodus. Refreshing to listen to a DJ focus on grander themes than feel good disco tracks and one-beat wonders, Hunter's faith-driven dance floor bound musical journey makes a pilgrimage through jump-up style break beat, deliciously whip-snapping techno and slow shuffling ethereal beats. Biblical aims aside, the bible thumping tracks pound with secular ferocity, and the ambient and harmonic peaks are decidedly chill to the point of being almost new-agey. The vibe gets a little too sugar sweet with "Translucent" but the low-key drum & bass of "Angelic" redeem things, and the remaining tracks thump on with a spirited electro-vigor worthy of any club floor. Hunter's religious motivations if anything gave his debut album a little more focus than the typical club bound fare, and while things don't always go smoothly or sparkle with originality, Exodus benefits from a uniquely intentional quality that makes for a take-notice debut of spiritualized electronica. (Nettwerk)