Andy Caldwell/Various Late Night with Andy Caldwell

Capturing the spirit of the last hours at a club is hardly a challenge for Andy Caldwell, having spent a good portion of the last three years touring and playing major cities worldwide. Nonetheless, Caldwell impresses with a beautiful collection of records, converging perfectly for a sunrise soundscape. From soulful vocals, to funky urban-electro and everywhere in between, there are no noticeable lapses in the mood and the progression is continuous from start to finish. Including two of his own compositions, there are some great tracks on this album — most notably Mylo’s "Otto’s Journey,” the Axwell remix of Rasmus Faber’s "Get Over Here” and the outstanding "Mash It Up” by Jaswho?. Already with a pedigree in production from his ’94 debut Superfunkidiculous to appearances on Mushroom Jazz and the Deep Dish’s huge Global Underground: Toronto, Andy Caldwell showcases his skills as a DJ on Late Night. This album is just crammed with rich, energetic house tunes. (Swank)