Andrew W.K. Writing 'The Party Bible'

Andrew W.K. Writing 'The Party Bible'
A glance at Andrew W.K.'s CV will detail his time as a musician, a motivational speaker, a one-time cultural ambassador, and a Playtex spokesperson, but he's about add one more title to that ever-growing list: published author. The beloved, sweat-soaked entertainer is due to deliver a book on, what else, partying.

Dubbed The Party Bible, W.K.'s first book was announced today (September 26) in a particularly goofy trailer. It's due sometime in the future through publishing house Simon and Schuster.

If the video's to be believed, an early, crayon-utilizing draft that was handed in was rejected for merely being about partying and not partying hard. A face-cracking experience at his work table let the dude get wet with his imagination, though, and has since got the A-ok form the S&S suits.

You'll find the comedy sketch/book announcement down below.

It looks as if the finishing touches have yet been made, as the trailer implores fans to "tell Andrew what you want in the bible" and to forward those thoughts to his Twitter account using the hashtag "#ThePartyBible."

Though it's unclear just when the book will arrive, we're hoping the first draft's conclusion of "and that's why partying is so amazing" still makes the final cut.