Andrew Weatherall Nine O'Clock Drop

Nine O' Clock Drop is an eclectic sampling of post-punk electronica compiled by DJ/producer Andrew Weatherall. Moving between early '80s electro, industrial, punk, funk and reggae, this CD is bound to be popular amongst those who can actually remember buying records at the time. While Nine O'Clock Drop may provide a trip down memory lane for some, it also offers neophyte techno heads a diverse assortment of old school electronica. Weatherall serves up William Orbit's first release, "P2e Remix," and two 23 Skidoo tracks, "Vegas El Bandito" and "Coup." From the industrial percussion sound of A Certain Ratio's "Water Line" to the hard to find dub classics like "Warrior Head Charge," by Aswad, Nine O' Clock Drop offers a good introduction to the sound that influenced a whole generation of DJs who, like Weatherall, emerged from punk into industrial and, eventually, techno music. If you must have one taster of early electronica, Nine O' Clock Drop offers an eclectic mix. (Nuphonic)