Andrew Rodriguez Here Comes the Light

Dropping his previous moniker of Bodega, Andrew Rodriguez is front and centre here, which is good, as there is much to take credit for. While Bodega’s Without a Plan was a little more subdued and didn’t quite work, Light showcases a more fun and fancy-free side of Rodriguez, making these songs somewhat of a guilty pleasure. Take "Astonishing Heart,” where the harmonies melt the frostiest of moods. Seemingly drawing inspiration from a ’60s pop sensibility, combined with modern melody, it seems Rodriguez really knows how to write those honey drippers. The title track is a perfect example, where the opening harmony between Rodriguez, Jason Kent and Angela Desveaux is quite mind-blowing. It’s close to perfect pop in about two minutes. Even better is when Desveaux takes the lead for "Come On In,” leaving Rodriguez to orchestrate the shuffling music that never overshadows her formidable voice. Light succeeds when the listener is willing to thrive in the artifice that Rodriguez is scarily proficient at creating. It is a sonic universe where everything fits perfectly and nothing is out of place. While true emotions that the listener can connect with are kept a good distance away, the music is damn near perfect. (Baudelaire)