Andrew Hunter & the Gatherers Warhorses

Andrew Hunter & the Gatherers have come together to create eight no-nonsense rock songs for sophomore LP Warhorses. Like any good power-trio, they keep things simple and direct. The songs are constructed of guitar that's breaking up and over-driven, stable bass lines and mellow drum parts. This move towards a simpler sound has made some of the songwriting drab, at times becoming hard to distinguish between songs. "One Good Reason" displays Andrew Hunter at his best ― riveting and demanding ― as it's one of the group's best songs to date. Melancholic proclamations and love songs inhabit the album's b-side, whereas the opening tracks feature a more driving sound. Due to this, Warhorses sags slightly during its last half. The album would benefit from an increased number of faster-paced songs. Ander Hunter & the Gatherers have created a perfectly acceptable rock album for those looking for something familiar. (Sound of Pop)