The Anchorman Mixtape

 <i>The Anchorman Mixtape</i>
After some delay, Toronto rapper K-os has finally dropped his Anchorman Mixtape. The mix features previously unreleased material from K-os, including collaborations with Drake and Sebastien Grainger.

Download the mix here while you can. It will only be up for a limited time, then these tracks will be released as singles.

The Anchorman Mixtape:

1. "Start Me UP"

2. "SheClipse"

3. "Faith" (ft. Drake)

4. "Big City"

5. "BlackWater" (ft. Sebastien Grainger)

6. "Holy Cow"

7. "The Lonely Ones"

8. "Beauty Is A Loaded Gun"

9. "I Wish I Could Believe"

10. "Dance In Your Car"