Anata Wa Sukkari Tsukarete Shimai Sweetness and Light

This short EP manages to meld together a wide variety of ideas and sounds. There is some mystery surrounding this project, as the members go by the monikers of _, Gnomefoam and Bunny, from Japan, England and Scotland, respectively. "Forsake" starts off with a synthesized voice reading a strange poem before dissolving into warm, dripping ambience and lightly sung vocals in Japanese. It then suddenly shifts into pulsing synth tones that meld with the ambience. The synthesized voice comes back to introduce a heavy, fuzzed-out guitar and programmed beats. This is the nature of the entire EP: each song drifts through soft ambience, hushed vocals, spoken word, spacious guitars, scattered bits of static and pulsations. The whole thing feels more like one long composition rather than individual tracks and has some great moments that will warrant repeat listening. It's a bit scattered, at times, but shows a good deal of potential for what's to come. (Bearsuit)