Anamai "Altar Coals" (video)

Anamai 'Altar Coals' (video)
When she's not grinding out aggression with Toronto sludge punk outfit HSY, Anna Mayberry is making music under her solo moniker Anamai. She released a self-titled EP last year, featuring choice cut "Altar Coals." Well, nearly a year later, Exclaim! is pleased to premiere the visuals for that same ambient, folk-inspired tune.

The new clip features old-timey footage of winter city life. The piles of snow won't warm you up, but the music might. A recent presser describes her solo work as "a brand of gnostic folk that is as languid and open as HSY is taught and abrasive" and explains that it draws from her rich personal history of growing up surrounded by traditional English and American music.

Anamai's self-titled EP is out now on Buzz Records and her upcoming shows are listed below. Scroll past the live dates for your first look at the video for "Altar Coals."

Tour dates:

09/19 Ottawa, ON - Gabba Hey*
09/20 Montreal, QC - The Cult, Fattal Lofts
09/21 New York, NY - Goodbye Blue Monday
09/26 Guelph, ON - Cornerstone*
11/04 Toronto, ON, The Great Hall ^

* with Black Walls
^ with Waxahatchee