Anal Beard Din Noir

If the Talking Heads and the Fall got together for a night of heavy drinking, woke up the next afternoon and brought their hangovers in with them for a huge jam session, you’d end up with Anal Beard. That’s not saying this is a reincarnation of some intellectual art punk movement, because there’s way more humour behind this band. This makes Anal Beard an acquired taste, but it’s a taste you should definitely try to get yourself used to because this album is surprisingly likeable. Sure, it comes off as a bit silly in spots, but it has a hugely compelling sound. The vocals carry a heavy British accent, the guitars go from twinkling acoustics to electrified thrashing, and there are some great moments of retro ’80s keyboards. With tales of anal retentive guys landing dates, dreams of Happy Meals and the lack of independent thoughts and a heavy metal spoof on Viking doctors practicing air guitar, the fun factor here might make it hard to take this album seriously, but really, it’s good. Honestly. (Boss Tuneage)