Anabolic Frolic Happy 2b Hardcore Chapter 6: The Final Chapter

Toronto's own candy man, Anabolic Frolic, brings the madness back one last time for this sixth edition of his guilty pleasure Happy 2b Hardcore series. Go ahead, mock away, but happy hardcore doesn't care, it revels in its absurdity - the uber-cheese vocals and hyperglycaemic synth lines laid atop light speed beats that brutally thump your cares away. If you've ever experienced that rare moment of raver bliss while bouncing in a HH tent, you know what I mean. Frolic offers nothing much new in this update, and once again the differentiation between songs fades quickly, but it doesn't really matter. In the right time and place - be it psyched on your way to a party or postal on your way home from work - you couldn't find a better soundtrack. (Moonshine)