Ana D

Satélite 99

BY Derek NawrotPublished Jan 28, 2008

Ten years ago, Ana D took the melodic warbling of twee pop and added the progressive, space-aged sounds of Stereolab and the exotic charm of Astrid Gilberto to create Satélite 99. That album, like many, was subsequently lost to all but a few ears as record labels struggled to properly market the fused genres, especially coming from female artists who didn’t adhere to "Lilith-type” restrictions. The double disc re-release highlights a beautiful album that will appease fans of Keren Ann, older Beth Orton and Goldfrapp. Famed Spanish director Pedro Almodóvar has championed Ana D on his compilations and Satélite 99 could almost play as a soundtrack to an unreleased film. "Galaxia” is a dreamy, spectral number with light, trance-like keyboards and Ana D’s ethereal voice singing "and between the distance of our kiss/a galaxy is born.” While "Todo Comenzó,” a simple, memorable love song, brings to mind trading kisses in a Madrid café on a rainy afternoon. The second disc features acoustic, skeletal structures of the songs that Ana D released in the subsequent years. Featuring beautiful packaging, this is a hypnotising listen that’s best shared.

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