Amon Tobin and Doubleclick's Two Fingers Dropping Instrumentals, New Digital Single

Amon Tobin and Doubleclick's Two Fingers Dropping <i>Instrumentals</i>, New Digital Single
You have to hand it to Montreal-based production duo Amon Tobin and Joe "Doubleclick" Chapman -€“ when it comes to their electronic hip-hop project Two Fingers, these guys keep themselves way beyond busy.

Their acclaimed self-titled debut album has only been available since April and already the heavy-hitting producers are back with a new digitally exclusive single, and a new limited-edition instrumental release through Paper Bag Records, appropriately titled Instrumentals.

On September 1, Two Fingers are releasing their digitally exclusive third single, "Bad Girl," featuring dancehall legend Ce'Cile on the mic, with six tracks in total, including remixes from King Cannibal and the Bug, instrumental versions and a redo with UK MC Sway. One week later, on September 8, they'll release Instrumentals.

In North American, Paper Bag is only pressing 1,000 copies of the 22-track effort - 12 re-workings of songs from their self-titled LP in addition to ten brand new songs - but you can pre-order a copy online here.


1. "Two Fingers" (Instrumental)
2. "That Girl" (Instrumental)
3. "Better Get That" (Instrumental)
4. "Doing My Job" (Instrumental)
5. "Broken (Stance) Rhythm"
6. "One Flute Rhythm"
7. "Straw Men" (Instrumental)
8. "Not Perfect" (Instrumental)
9. "Keman Rhythm"
10. "Scott Foster Rhythm"
11. "Moth Rhythm"
12. "Twelvses" (Two Fingers Remix)
13. "Bad Girl" (Instrumental)
14. "High Life" (Instrumental)
15. "Sinus Rhythm"
16. "Have It Like That" (Instrumental)
17. "Combat Rhythm"
18. "Jewels and Gems" (Instrumental)
19. "What You Know" (Instrumental Two Fingers Remix)
20. "Marmite Rhythm"
21. "Trickstep Rhythm"
22. "Subway Rhythm"