America Is Waiting In The Lines

Take the tom-blast drumming of Blonde Redhead, the garbage can bass tone of Don Caballero, the frail guitar sound and battle cry vocals of North of America and wrap it all up in an Albini-style recording. Doesn't that sound good? It may be a little generous to put America Is Waiting in that class but they've certainly got good taste and In The Lines most definitely proves their skill. After a bit of unnecessary noise to kick things off, the EP’s 25-minute running time whips by with thrashing efficiency, only slowing here and there for dramatic effect. America Is Waiting may be a little late on the uptake for DC-inspired rock but trends be damned, they've still produced a decent record to add to a strong post-punk collection. What they lack in memorable melodies or exceptional musicianship is made up through sheer force, especially in the case of their clanging rhythm section. While there are a shitload of bands still playing this kind of music, America Is Waiting is one to watch. Aging as a unit will likely improve the band, as the ideas in here hint at something beyond a vague rehashing of typical ’90s post-punk. They’re not quite there yet but don't be surprised if you hear from them again sometime soon. (Diediediemond)