Amber Asylum Frozen In Amber

Cooked in a pot of musical concrete ambient dirge, Frozen In Amber is modern classical music at its finest, combing chromatics and cinematic tonalities that bounce off of cathedral walls in gothic cadence glory. Although their music is a tad on the otherworldly side for most traditionalists, there is enough discipline holding these compositions together. At times, the dancing devil-like strings sound cursed with antiquation, and when surrounded with enveloping scratchy delays, it is as if the listener has tapped into slight pre-WW II-era Polish classical radio programming albeit with a vibe that is from the emotional depths of said war. This troupe is by far a superior outfit to create music for film soundtracks - perhaps even more skilled than folk like Wojciech Kilar (Dracula, The Pianist) or Lalo Schifrin (Amityville Horror) could execute - it is highly suggested that Amber Asylum be given a thorough listen - for they hold some deep musical secrets that will certainly expand the mind tenfold. (Neurot)