"Comet" (video)

BY Sarah MurphyPublished May 30, 2016

AlphaCub introduced us to his "Friends" last year, and now the Marc-Antoine Robertson-led project is back with a new single called "Comet."
The track comes from the Toronto-via-Halifax musician's debut solo EP, which toes the line between bombastic stadium rock and synth-fuelled pop music, and arrives in full on June 3 through Culvert Music. The moody, mesmerizing track has been paired with a video that finds director Sam Gharai exploring influences like Bunel's Un Chien Andalou and Hitchcock's Rope — films that spurred an "obsession with long takes and exploring the avante-garde dreamscape."
Thankful for being allowed creative freedom with the project, Gharai jokes, "There is nothing better than working with a brilliant cinematographer like Keenan Lynch and having him roll his eyes when I tell him, 'We have more than 16 camera positions for this long take with you operating the Movi. Oh, and we are bumping the track to 150% in order to capture it fluidly for the slow-mo!'"
You can see that artistic vision become a reality by getting your first look watching the video premiere of "Comet" in the player below.

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