The Allman Brothers Band One Way Out: Live at the Beacon Theatre

With a career spanning over 35 years, there can be no question of the contribution of Macon, Georgia’s Allman Brothers Band. And whether you subscribe to the camp that Duane’s abilities outshone Dickie’s, or Warren’s or Derek’s, the fact remains that One Way Out underlines the obvious — that brother Gregg & Co. expect to go out with their amps on. One Way Out is a two-CD case in point: the Allmans still deliver their patented magic so many years after their inception — a phenomenal accomplishment in itself. Despite the departure of Dickie Betts and his country-tuned lead contributions, the pairing of Warren Haynes’ harder edged rock blues guitar to Derek Trucks’ jazz-meets-Eastern bent is a marriage made in guitar heaven that, with Greg’s rejuvenated, soulful vocals and the Allmans’ patented rhythm section, lifts this well-produced collection to an invigorating conclusion. It ain’t Live At The Fillmore — that would be impossible as well as redundant. But this is some of the best-sounding Allmans ever from one of the best live acts of all time — old chestnuts to equally worthy new compositions erupt with equal aplomb, mixed to within an inch of your life. Vital. (Sanctuary)