All Night Radio Spirit Stereo Frequency

A Beachwood Sparks offshoot featuring Dave Scher and Jimi Hey, both founding members of the Californian cosmic country band, All Night Radio trades in the cowboy influence of their main group for sugary ‘70s AM pop influence. Still psychedelic in nature, the duo has created an album that retains the trippy edge of the Sparks' two albums, albeit mixed with a decidedly more whimsical outlook. Second track "We’re On Our Wave” still has lilting pedal steel underpinning the melody, but the helium-inflected vocals soar like angels, something their main band rarely achieves. An LSD-influenced surf record? A modern psychedelic pop record that’s AM friendly? Perhaps a little of both, too bad it doesn’t have a little bit less phasing on it though, as it makes the record a little too retro-observant at times, although it remains a fun listen. (Sub Pop)