Alice in Chains "Hollow" (video)

Alice in Chains 'Hollow' (video)
Last month, Alice in Chains announced they were planning a follow-up to 2009's reunion album Black Gives Way to Blue via a lyric video for new tune "Hollow." Details have yet to drop for the LP, but you can now peep a sci-fi-styled official video for the gloomy single.

First off, those life-crushing lyrics about everything fading to grey sidle right into the video's hopelessness. In it, we see a scientist doing a solo study up in the cosmos, poking and prodding an unidentified life form. We also see his relationship with an earth-bound lady friend go sour and his mental state deteriorate as his mission progresses.

Not to spoil the cliffhanger, or your appetites, but apparently his meal plan has given him a new friend to play with, though. You can check out the bum-out results down below.