Alessia Cara Teases New Single "Growing Pains" with Lyric Guessing Game

Alessia Cara Teases New Single 'Growing Pains' with Lyric Guessing Game
Alessia Cara recently hinted that some new material is on the way, and now she's confirmed that a new single is arriving on Friday (June 15). Before we get to hear it, though, she's released individual lines from the song's lyrics and challenged fans to piece them together.
The Brampton-born pop star sent 25 lines from her upcoming single to fans, and encouraged them to work together to put them in the correct order and get a sneak preview of the new tune.
Fans have been in a frenzy trying to figure out the correct lyrical order — some even physically copying and pasting the pieces together.
Not all fans are having quite as much fun trying to solve the riddle, though. One troll even offered up Smash Mouth lyrics.
Cara has been keeping an eye on her fans' guesses, offering hints and letting people know when they get things in the correct order.
Earlier this morning, Cara caved and gave her followers the first part of the song's lyrics. Check it out below, and keep trying to piece together the rest of it — or just wait until June 15 to hear it in its final form.
UPDATE (6/11, 2 p.m. EDT): Following a successful guessing effort from fans, Cara has revealed the title and artwork for the upcoming single. It's called "Growing Pains," and it serves as the first single from the singer's sophomore LP. See the completed lyrics and check out the accompanying artwork below.