Alejandra and Aeron Haunted Folklore One: Ruinas Encantadas

This CD comes in gorgeous envelope packaging and with nice textured liner art, like getting an intimate note from someone special, yet the music is not for sensitive ears. Various microtonal pitches on this album sound like a case of the ringing of the ears, or the equivalent of having a tuning fork brought too close. One track in particular evoked a yelp when I experienced repeated popping sensations in my ear, like changing pressure sensations as a passenger when an airplane takes off. There would be no reason to keep listening if not for the dangling carrots offered in Ruinas Encantadas, which are the highly listenable samplings of very old recorded music, perhaps culminated from lost 78 speed records, as featured on tracks like "La Cancion de Cuna" ("Bed Time Stories") and "Tomorrow." A strong, old Spanish folklore motif is evoked in the names of these tracks, which is part of the intent of the producers. Alejandra and Aeron use these found sounds and the extremes in pitch offered from modulating equipment to create "electric folk music." Visit the wonderful Lucky Kitchen web site to learn more about the producers' informed musical philosophies, as this is a rewarding audio project for the adventurous and open minded; sound engineer geeks will especially appreciate this CD. (Lucky Kitchen)