Album Leaf One Day I'll Be On Time

If you close your eyes for the duration of One Day I'll Be On Time, once you open them you'll have felt like you were somewhere else for 50 minutes. Tour-mates of everybody's favourite new band, Sigur Rós, the Album Leaf makes soft, melodic and instrumental music designed for rainy day downers or thought-provoking sleep. Integrating many different sounds and noises (ambient, field recordings, taped conversations and radio transmissions), the music is a moody collage of guitars, drums, keyboards and piano. The compositions are lush and down tempo, spanning from Eno-esque ambiance ("Wet Day" and "Last Time Here") to full band jams ("In Between Lines" and "MP"). At times the music does seem a little too incessant, but it's the mood you're in that determines how enjoyable One Day I'll Be On Time will be. (Tiger Style)