AK-MOMO Return to N.Y.

Repeated in the press release and also plastered on the front of the CD are the proclamations that AK-MOMO are "Joanna Newsom fronting Goldfrapp.” Now, usually press releases are wonderfully off the mark, but here they actually get it right. Almost too right, as the music presented by AK-MOMO skews a little too close to a non-tarted-up version of Goldfrapp from time to time. Essentially Mattias Olsson and his chill-out electro instrumentation being backed by Swede Ak Von Malmborg and her breathy voice, there are some cool little tracks here like the sexy "Time for the Muse,” but, unfortunately, there’s nothing to truly distinguish them through the glut of other female-fronted chill-out acts. Malmborg’s voice does indeed come close to Newsom, but it’s more of an early Nina Persson, than Newsom’s school-girlish yelp. "Hollywood” aptly brings to mind old Hollywood style gin joints, but it goes away too soon, which happens to more than just that one track. Some feel somewhat complete, but others just drop off just as the ideas become somewhat developed. There are some individual highlights here that will find a good home on some generic chill-out compilation, but it’s pushing to maintain one’s interest over an entire album. (Hidden Agenda)