Aidan Baker Readies 'The Confessional Tapes'

Aidan Baker Readies 'The Confessional Tapes'
A hard drive crash may have delayed the release of some solo recordings from Nadja member Aidan Baker, but the musician scavenged what he could from the file-crippling catastrophe to rebuild the set as his next release, The Confessional Tapes.

The album arrives February 24 through Pleasence Records, and it's explained in a press release that the now Berlin-based Baker started working on the song cycle several years ago in Toronto, but the original recordings were damaged in a hard drive crash. Though some of it was recovered, the files had become "corrupted and glitchy," but this ended up inspiring the overall direction of The Confessional Tapes.

Completed in Berlin, the album is said to mix "slowcore, dream pop, abstract jazz, and glitchy electronica" by using sparse arrangements of six-strings, clipped sonics and more.

Samples have yet to be unveiled from The Confessional Tapes, but you can see the tracklisting down below and the album art up above.

The Confessional Tapes:

1. I Want to See (More of You)
2. Hart
3. Fallacies
4. Ambiguities (Longing for an Oblivion)
5. Something Fierce
6. Buoyancy
7. Beneath Which
8. Spider Naming Spider Killing
9. I Am No Free Spirit
10. Something Less