Age Of Ruin Autumn Lanterns

Camouflaged with hardcore growls and lots of thrash guitar and double bass, Age of Ruin's rock'n'roll vibe takes a little while to surface. In between bursts of speed the band tosses in upbeat rock rhythms as well as some slower grooves, and for one song they even break into a bluesy rock shuffle. While the music on Autumn Lanterns is for the most part more optimistic than the band's message, the bitterness Age of Ruin express in their lyrics shows up more in the rawness of their approach. The final and longest track on this five-song offering is also the most ambitious, using warm strings and softer leads, and going out with a piano and acoustic guitar duet. Despite these brief glimpses of the band's softer side, Autumn Lanterns is for those who like their rock heavy and raw. (Tribunal)