AFX Hangable Auto Bulb

At long last Warp have reissued the long out of print Hangable Auto Bulb EPs from AFX (a.k.a. Aphex Twin). Originally released in 1995 as a pair of limited edition vinyl only EPs, these two sleeveless records have eluded Aphex heads for years and are fetching piles of dollars and pounds on eBay these days. Thankfully, this stuff is now widely available since Warp has lovingly combined both records comfortably onto one 35-minute disc. Those curious about what this stuff sounds like can rest assured it’s prime Richard D. James material that runs the gamut of his many styles — from goofy and loose to introspective and back again. This material also notably covers a crucial period in James’s development, between his early techno and ambient-influenced dance floor work (of which "Children Talking,” "Every Day” and the killer standout "Laughable Butane Bob” are representative) and the more contemplative and laidback beats of his …I care because you do styles (work that the title track and "Wabby Legs” suggest the earlier stages of). As always, this is another fine piece of the ongoing puzzle that is James’s increasingly prolific body of work, and essential listening for any Aphex fanatic. (Warp)