AFI's Davey Havok and Jade Puget Start New Hardcore Band XTRMST

BY Gregory AdamsPublished Mar 17, 2014

While Bay Area outfit AFI have seemingly been busy of late promoting their latest album Burials, vocalist Davey Havok and guitarist Jade Puget recently had time to lay down a demo for a new straight edge hardcore project called XTRMST.

Earlier this month, the group dropped off a demo tape at California record store Vacation Vinyl, though mystery was stirred up around the release since it didn't include any formal credits. After some online speculation, Puget chimed in over the weekend by confirming the AFI members are indeed behind the project.

  He wrote:

The four-song demo takes a decidedly more aggressive tone than recent AFI work, with opener "Dirty Nails," for instance, weighing in with viciously screamed anti-drug lyrics ("you know it kills, but you smile and swallow") crushing grooves and metalcore guitar work.

You'll find the four-song demo in the SoundCloud player down below.

This isn't the only outside project for the pair in recent memory. Back in 2007, they issued the Cex Cells LP as electronic pop group Blaqk Audio and delivered their sophomore follow-up Bright Black Heaven in 2012.

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