Aeropostale A Mais Rapida

From the packaging and website, this band may look to have a decidedly French bent, but the bilingual song titles and vocal snippets tend to show that it is not that important a point to make. Of course, it’s all about the music and although the look and location of Aeropostale make one think of another GY!BE offshoot, there actually is no connection and from the first track, "Leaving the Airport,” things are quite jazzy. Mixing in liberal electronic accoutrements to the hushed guitar and sparse drums, Aeropostale have a very idiosyncratic sound and when it works, the results are quite good, but some tracks get lost in half-developed ideas and themes. "Cette Mort Dont Tu Parlas” is the best success here, with a faster beat and darker, tension-filled atmospherics, while the weakest, by far, is closer "Baron Samedi.” The detail and intricacy of the album goes out the window in a sloppy, noodly guitar solo that seems to have no destination. Aeropostale also dabble in Stereolab-sounding organs, which works best in "Le Korean Motobecane.” A rather scattered affair, since they touch upon jazz, rock and some dub, but there are enough bright spots to warrant a listen to those interested in such eclecticism. (Independent)