Adult Karate LXII

Adult Karate LXII
L.A.-based producer K.C. Maloney is best known as one half of ambient, atmospheric beat makers Radar Cult, though he's recently stepped forward on his own. Now, he's released his debut EP, LXII, under the moniker Adult Karate.
While Maloney's endeavour as Adult Karate is quite comparable to his work in Radar Cult, there are a few notable differences on LXII. It's less moody and, for the most part, has a slightly elevated BPM. While there's an implied cheekiness though, the distinctions between both acts are far less apparent than one would hope. LXII doesn't quite make a full break from his previous work, and comes across more like a followup to Maloney's last release with Radar Cult than a new project.
Much of LXII, especially tracks featuring vocals, give off a dark low-end '80s synth-pop vibe, which would be fine if the EP's first single, "So Low," didn't suggest he's capable of so much more. The track, a pop ballad sung by Toronto native Adaline, is sprinkled deliciously with bits and pieces of acid-house and harmonization, and the only track to move away from the dim sparseness prevalent on the rest of the album.
Here's hoping Maloney's next project finds him embracing his independence and breaking further outside his established sound. (Plug Research)