Adult. Gimmie Trouble

The band voted most likely to outlast the unavoidable crash of electroclash is back with their latest ironic, sarcastic assault on all things frivolous and indulgent. Their second full-length album, following hot on the heels of the boggy, darkly textural D.U.M.E. EP, Gimmie Trouble lends a little sonic spaciousness and post-punk edge to their electro-driven pop slabs, bringing them more in line with the likes of Devo and Siouxsie and the Banshees than Peaches or the Hacker. Nicola Kuperus’s commandeering and stern vocals are still in the forefront here, and her lyrics are as scathing as ever. The addition of dissonant guitar has undoubtedly bought Adult. some new ground to explore, but this step away from the dance floor means there’s nothing on Gimmie Trouble as exciting, sleek and moving as early tracks like "Hand to Phone” or "Silent Property.” Nevertheless, this is a decent album of concise electro-punk songs from a band who aren’t settling on their laurels, even if their sound and structures often resemble the cheap and flippantly consumed commodities they rile against. (Thrill Jockey)