Adrian Orange & Her Band Adrian Orange & Her Band

Freewheeling and mysterious, Adrian Orange commandeers a large group of musicians for this infectious amalgam of jazz, folk, soul, and rock’n’roll anchored by his provocative voice. A young man with an old soul, Orange occupies the same realm as Will Oldham and Jon-Rae Fletcher, and his songs are similarly noble romantic abstractions rendered with a gravitas touched by irreverence. The humour of it all is highlighted by the gang vocals and unhinged reggae jams, punctuated by jazz horn freak-outs that accent Orange’s vocal outbursts. Something like "Window (Mirror) Shadow” has an innocent, live-off-the-floor feel, while "Fire Dream” and "You’re My Home” possess a dark sadness. Elsewhere, the big band let loose on the spirited "Interdependance Dance” and "Then We Play,” and the undercurrent of pointed wordplay comes to a head on the sombre "Keep Your Money.” Inspiringly unfettered, Adrian Orange has composed a remarkable effort. (K)