Adam Freeland / Various Fabriclive 16

So you’re in transit, on the metro or the bus perhaps, and suddenly a killer track starts blazing on your headphones. You know what it’s like: you can’t help but bob your head and maybe move your lips to the words a little, even though you know you look like a dork. But the thing is the music is so good you can’t not lip-synch. That’s what Adam Freeland’s Fabriclive 16 is like, and I can testify. Tracks like Evil Nine’s breaks-hop track "Crooked,” featuring Aesop Rock on vocals, and the techno-breaks of LFO’s "Freak” are so energising they make me feel I have the power to dance all night in the middle of the day. Although I’m not fond of the rock opener "Love Burns” by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, there are no low spots in the mix, which is mostly break-beat with sides of techno, hip-hop, rock and electro in various quantities. No less than seven cuts are from his own Marine Parade label, flowing like topping on movie popcorn. It’s a well-rounded mix with the power to move you. Testify! (Fabric)