Adam Beyer Vs. Dense & Pika Going Down

Adam Beyer Vs. Dense & Pika Going Down
The year in music couldn't come to a close without Adam Beyer slipping in a last-minute track (or two). The Swedish producer and founder of Drumcode Records has released Going Down, his only EP of 2016, alongside Dense & Pika (aka Alex Jones and Chris Spero) just in time for "winter warehouse party season."
"I've always liked collaborations – they brings out the best in me," says Beyer, whose leadership over the course of the past 20 years has established his label as an influential force in techno music worldwide. "I'm also a big fan of Dense & Pika's raw sound, so this worked well. Chris and Alex are great to produce with and are really clear with their vision when they make music."
Going Down contains two tracks described by Drumcode as "hard-hitting master studies in industrial-edged techno." It's hard not to agree with the assessment, given the brooding bass, menacing vocals and multi-layered synth lines woven throughout both "Going Down" and "Future." The tracks are perfect for the coming winter months, each a study in cold precision and darkly textured techno.
The EP, which took shape over the course of two days earlier this year at Alex and Chris's studio, is a welcome addition to Drumcode's ever-expanding canon. The synergy between Beyer, Alex and Chris is evident in both tracks and suggests that this release is far from their final collaboration.
If you like industrial-edged techno, Christmas just came early for you. (Drumcode Records)