Adam Baldwin "Battlescar"

Adam Baldwin 'Battlescar'
To further promote his transition from backup bandmate to full-on solo artist, East Coast musician Adam Baldwin is previewing his upcoming debut LP with another track. This time, he's showing us his "Battlescar."

Hitting a sweet spot between rustled-up roots rock and early '80s Springsteen anthems, the track is full of jumpy backbeats, joyous acoustic strums, and baseball stadium organ sounds. Lyrically, Baldwin's gravelly, vibrato-laden voice talks of time spent capturing poison kisses, dancing with the devil and having "toxic fucking daggers" hurled in his general direction.

Making the best of his broken-down soul, you can check out Baldwin's "Battlescar" below.

As previously reported, the Dartmouth, NS artist's No Telling When (Precisely Nineteen Eighty-Five) sees release on June 24 via Sonic Records.

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