Actress Releases New 12-Inch, Shares A-Side

Actress Releases New 12-Inch, Shares A-Side
Actress is issuing his Ghettoville album on January 28, but the British beatmaker is tiding us over with new 12-inch. It's available through Werkdiscs/Ninja Tune and can be purchased online through the Ninjashop.

The 180-gram vinyl single contains two songs, "Grey Over Blue" and "Wee Bey," neither of which appears on Ghettoville. Apparently, only 180 copies have been made, so this one might be difficult to get a hold of. It's housed in a simple black sleeve with a black label.

Records will apparently be available in North American shops on Monday (December 23). Considering the limited quantities, however, it doesn't seem very likely that the record will be available at many stores.

Below, stream "Grey Over Blue," which is an eight-minute track made up of gloomy synth textures and slow, mechanically clacking beats.

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