Actress Preps New Single Ahead of Upcoming Album

Actress Preps New Single Ahead of Upcoming Album
Actress's 2010 LP Splazsh made a big impression in the world of electronic music, leading to a Panda Bear remix and a collaboration with Damon Albarn on the DRC Music project. Now, the genre-crossing producer is getting ready to return with another selection of buzz-worthy beats.

The London-based artist also known as Darren Cunningham is getting ready to drop a twelve-inch single through Honest Jon's next month. It includes two new tracks: "Rainy Dub" and "Faceless."

The exact release date is unclear, but FACT says that it will be out next month. See the product listing from the label here.

These new songs will reportedly lead up to a new full-length from Actress. The details are still up in the air, but this will likely arrive sometime in early 2012.

Actress also has a Shangaan Electro remix single on the way through Honest Jon's. This twelve-inch vinyl record is logically titled Meets Shangaan Electro and finds Actress offering his own take on the form of African dance music. Check out the listing here.