Aceface Threat Level: RedWhiteBlue

Toronto band Aceface (not to be confused with the British mod band) don’t want any confusion about their influences. Naming their band after a character from the movie Quadrophenia, and sticking a picture of the band in their sharpest clothes makes it pretty obvious what Aceface is going to sound like, and they don’t disappoint. Or maybe they do because Threat Level: RedWhiteBlue is an unremarkable album that recycles lots of old ideas without really adding anything new to the mix. Worse still, they don’t really live up to their suit-wearing, scooter-riding manifesto, preferring to sound like second-rate Paul Weller material instead of channelling the might of the Who from the early ’70s. There are some energetic performances here (particularly on "Drowned”) but thanks to a lack of ambition and some truly terrible lyrics, most of Threat Level: RedWhiteBlue just isn’t very interesting or exciting. (Fading Ways)