Accolade of Apocalypse / Eradication / Audrey Rose The Atria, Oshawa ON February 20

Accolade of Apocalypse / Eradication / Audrey Rose The Atria, Oshawa ON February 20
Photo: Denise Falzon
In the underground music scene it's the norm for shows to not go exactly according to plan. But at a metal show in Oshawa, the night was full of disasters. Two of the bands dropped off and the sound guy was missing, which caused the show to start three hours late. Not to mention that the promoter left in an ambulance due to an attempt at moshing gone wrong when he was flung straight into a table and busted his head open. But despite the calamities, the bands tore it up and left lasting impressions.

Audrey Rose opened the show with their death metal/gindcore/hardcore mash-up. The youngsters from Bowmanville, ON demonstrated musical proficiency that will only be honed with time. But the same cannot be said for the second band of the night Eradication. The extreme metal band lacked songwriting ability, making the two covers they played - Bloodbath's "Brave New Hell" and Kataklysm's "Serenity in Fire" - their only notable performances.

But Oshawa's Accolade of Apocalypse brought the show back up to par and closed the night with a dynamic thrash-influenced progressive metal set. With a few breakdowns thrown in, the five-piece band had incredibly high energy throughout their entire performance. Playing tracks from their EP Cavalcade of Revelation including "A Thousand Screams" and "Cease To Exist," AoA showed what Oshawa has to offer.

Vocalist Dan Gingras' excellent vocal range was highlighted throughout the set. Gingras' deep death metal growls transcended to high-pitched screams in "Sheep To Slaughter." The tune also contained thrashing guitar work by Ryan Holtmann and Nathen Morrison and was the band's best performance of the night, apart from their cover of Unearth's "Great Dividers." It was definitely a memorable show and with the promoter's blood staining the floor, what could be more death metal than that?