Abel The Honest Love

This is a promising beginning. Abel's debut EP, The Honest Love, carries enough sincere beauty to begin anticipating the full-length follow-up. The New York trio are lead by the soulfully rich vocals of Kevin Kneifel, which enhance the intricate, but somewhat prototypical, indie musical structures. The five-song release peaks on "My Melody." It begins with guitars humming in the background and Kneifel softly singing overtop. A piano quietly enters as the song crescendos with the whole band joining. And then the emotion level raises as he sings, "I pray, let it be beautiful," followed by a bass-heavy interlude to accent the poignant part in the track. While songs like the title track sometimes border on blandness, often sounding similar to Kings of Leon and, at others, more like Manchester Orchestra, the trio have built moments of honesty that grip your heart and soul ("The World Sings"). Abel's debut rises above average and should build warranted excitement for their LP. (Dreamt)