Abe Vigoda to Reveal Their Crush in September

Abe Vigoda to Reveal Their <i>Crush</i> in September
If you follow Abe Vigoda guitarist Juan Velasquez on Twitter, you already know that the California punk outfit have been working on a new album. Last month, he tweeted, "the next abe record is called MATH." And while that title has been changed to Crush, the group have officially announced their next record will be out on September 21.

The release will be handled by Post Present Medium in North America, and in the UK, the album will be out a day earlier (September 20) on Bella Union.

According to an album announcement posted on Bella Union's website, the new songs feature "glassy shards of 'cold wave' pop, with synthesisers, sequencers and altogether broodier beats."

This is the first album to feature new member Dane Chadwick, who replaced drummer Reggie Guerrero last year. Singer Michael Vidal noted, "More than just rhythmically, Dane helped with melodies and most of the electronics on the album."

For those who want to sample the new Abe Vigoda sound, Bella Union posted a YouSendIt link to the new single "Throwing Shade." It's a dancefloor-friendly electro rocker with lots of reverb, a bit of fuzz, and some of the band's signature tropical guitar work.

You can see the cover art above. Before the album is on the shelves, PPM will issue a seven-inch of "Throwing Shade" and the B-side "Vivid" on August 24.