Aalacho Electro

Nathan Scott weaves late ’70s European synthronica and ’80s guitar riffs on the follow-up to his CMJ (College Music Journal) RPM Top 20-rated debut, Sugar. It’s a low-key affair pumped up by a Felix da Housecat mix of "Pompeii” (also the opening track) at the end. Along with da Housecat’s improvement on the original, the (mostly) instrumental "Lift” is the strongest of the album. Eighties guitar licks glide in over groovy bass, then super ’80s synths pick it up, taking the listener on a retro ride. Much the same can be said about "It’s Not About Love,” which recalls brief moments of Platinum Blonde and Duran Duran. Scott provides the vocals on the underwhelming reinterpretation of the Beatles’ "Ticket to Ride” as he does on most of the album, with most of his lyrics focused on love and relationships. His voice is neither here nor there, really, and "It’s Not About Love” would actually be improved if he’d kept it a straight instrumental. Overall, this album is okay, but unremarkable. (Independent)