AA Wallace

"Lipstick & Stethoscopes" (video)

BY Matthew RitchiePublished Mar 5, 2014

Former Sleepless Nights frontman AA Wallace's debut full-length, (Disambiguation), arrived almost a year ago on East Coast record label Acadian Embassy. But that's not stopping the Maritime musician from rolling out some more videos, as he's just unveiled another promotional piece, this time for album cut "Lipstick & Stethoscopes."

Directed and edited by Jeff Miller, the creative chillwave clip reimagines Wallace as a European psych rock star from an alternate reality performing on a Top of the Pops-style television program. Watch as the esoteric electronic artist croons his way through the video's gold-hued landscapes, which is made even more futuristic by the band's inclusion of a Casio synth guitar and hexagonal digital drum set.

View the video now in the player below, and while you're at it, check out Wallace's 2012 experimental EP the mu-(sic) 4 zero muzizians, which is currently seeing its re-release digitally and on limited-edition cassette over on his Bandcamp page.

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