Woodstock 50th Anniversary Festival to Arrive This Summer

Original co-creator Michael Lang promises "an eclectic bill" for Woodstock 50
Woodstock 50th Anniversary Festival to Arrive This Summer
Talks of throwing a festival to mark the 50th anniversary of Woodstock have been taking place since 2016, but organizers have now finally confirmed an event to mark the occasion will take place this year.

As Rolling Stone reports, a three-day festival is being called Woodstock 50, and it will honour the original event's 50th anniversary with a fest at Watkins Glen, NY, from August 16 to 18. Tickets for the event are set to go on sale next month.

While the performers involved won't be named until stubs go on sale, Woodstock co-creator Michael Lang told the publication that over 40 performers have been booked across three stages so far. 

"It'll be an eclectic bill," Lang told Rolling Stone. "It'll be hip-hop and rock and some pop and some of the legacy bands from the original festival."

Lang noted that the goal of the festival is to be "multi-generational," telling RS that younger acts will take part in "celebrations of artists from the original Woodstock."

"Having contemporary artists interpret that music would be a really interesting and exciting idea," he said. "We're also looking for unique collaborations, maybe some reunions and a lot of new and up-and-coming talent."

The news of Woodstock 50 comes 20 years on from Woodstock '99, a festival remembered more for the violence and rioting than the musical talent onstage. 

"Woodstock '99 was just a musical experience with no social significance," Land said, calling it "an MTV event." "It was just a big party. With this one, we're going back to our roots and our original intent. And this time around, we'll have control of everything."

He reiterated, "We are looking for unique performances. A lot of festivals these days are kind of cookie-cutter. Very few of them have any sort of social impact [and] that's a wasted opportunity."

You can read Lang's complete interview with Rolling Stone here.