A New Webinar Series Will Unpack Anti-Black Racism in Canada's Music Industry

The Canadian Independent Music Association will present in association with the newly-founded ADVANCE

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Jul 30, 2020

The Canadian Independent Music Association (CIMA) has announced a series of roundtable discussions on anti-Black racism in Canada's music industry.

Presented in association with the freshly-founded ADVANCE, the Breaking Down Racial Barriers webinar series will begin August 4, taking place each Tuesday at 1 p.m.

The 10-part series will be centred on the voices and lived experiences of Black music professionals working across different disciplines in Canada's industry ecosystem. Nine of the webinar sessions will focus on industry bodies, including record labels, festivals and event promotion, streaming companies and more, tackling the barriers Black people face in relation to them.

The final segment of the series will then reflect on the knowledge from the first nine seminars, which will then be compiled in a report to be used by peer and partner organizations, and the wider industry, in creating actionable change.

You can find the details for the first webinar of Breaking Down Racial Barriers below, along with a complete series breakdown. Further free registration details can be found here.

Webinar 1: Systemic & Systematic Racism: A Discussion on anti-Black Racism in the Entertainment Industry 

Webinar 2: The Economics of anti-Black Racism in the Entertainment Industry

Webinar 3: Anti-Black Racism in the Media & the Spaces that Create it

Webinar 4: Barriers faced by Black Event Producers: Agents, Access to Venues Event Spaces, Festivals & Sponsorship

Webinar 5: Anti-Black Racism in The Creative Space: From Creatives to Ad Agencies

Webinar 6: Challenges faced by Black Artists: Systemic & Systematic Barriers - Independent to Major Label 

Webinar 7: Representation in the Corporate & Organizational Entertainment Industry: Record Labels, Streaming Companies & Industry Associations

Webinar 8: Retention & Succession (Part 1) - The Role of Education, Mentorship & Succession Planning in creating the next generation of Black Music Professionals

Webinar 9: Retention & Succession (Part 2) - A Voice at the Table: Hiring, Professional Advancement & Promotion w/i the Music Entertainment Industry

Webinar 10: Summary, Conclusions & Creation of Actionable Items for Change

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