​Miguel, Conor Oberst, and Florence and the Machine Fill Exclaim!'s Summer Issue

BY Lisa VanderwykPublished Jul 15, 2015

After briefly deliberating whether the photo above was too sexy for our cover, we decided that our summer issue could use the extra heat; that's why you'll see Miguel's smouldering glare peeking out from Exclaim! street boxes in the weeks to come. In addition to our revealing interview with the Wildheart from L.A., you'll find plenty of reviews, interviews, lists and features inside of our Summer Issue. Below, you can check out what to expect from our latest edition, but only some of them have made their way online — for the rest, you'll have to pick up a copy to get the full stories.
Our cover story offers a look into the life and love that Grammy-winning singer, songwriter and producer Miguel poured into his new full-length: "I just do what I feel, from where I feel. That's my job." Miguel earned his spot in the public eye with the success of his debut, Kaleidoscope Dream, and the new Wildheart delves deeper than ever into his life before the fame, and what it took to get to where he is.
From emo wunderkind to Monster of Folk, Conor Oberst has been hailed as a musical hero in many forms, and they're all documented in our latest Timeline feature. We begin with his birth and continue through the half-dozen projects he's breathed life into, including Commander Venus, the Faint, Desaparecidos and Bright Eyes. In addition to detailing his musical endeavours, the overview mentions how family, politics, spiritual mediums, The O.C. and even rape allegations became entwined in his career. This history of Oberst's career is available exclusively in our print edition, but you can learn Five Noteworthy Facts You Might Not Know About Oberst here.
Florence Welch, the powerhouse behind baroque-poppers Florence and the Machine, provided answers to this issue's Questionnaire. Her interview offers insight into her fun-loving and slightly rebellious side, as she discusses her love for skate punk, tattoos, drinking and partying. Her carefree persona is further developed with stories about her days as a barmaid and the "fuck it attitude" that came with touring in her dad's camper van.
Will Currie of Will Currie and the Country French gives us a lesson in practicality in this issue's edition of music school, proudly describing his modest day job and the small 149-year-old home he shares with his wife. Currie also mentions that he has abandoned his purist approach to music making but retained the attention to detail that made his music so charming.
In our full-page feature on Kacey Musgraves, the hard-talkin', strong-willed country star boldly states that she is not a feminist: "I don't really see those things [I write about] as being super progressive or controversial." Of course, this comes as a shock from a millennial outlaw who sings about pot, lesbianism, friends with benefits and accidental pregnancies. Read more about this ambitious, forward-thinking and powerful country musician here.
This issue also features interviews with Titus Andronicus, Bully, Hudson Mohawke, Leon Bridges and Daniel Romano.
Don't risk missing out on all the exclusive content that Exclaim!'s Summer Issue has to offer. Grab our latest at your favourite coffee shop, bar, record store or street box near you.

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