808 State Ready First New Album in 17 Years

808 State Ready First New Album in 17 Years
Having largely been silent since delivering their Outpost Transmission in 2002, 808 State have shared the details behind their first full-length effort in 17 years.

The duo of Graham Massey and Andrew Barker will deliver a new album titled Transmission Suite on October 11. Fifteen tracks in length, the album follows their Initial Granada Report EP which arrived earlier this month.

Transmission Suite was recorded in Manchester at Granada studios, the former headquarters of what is now known as ITV Granada. The space, which still contained old technology including boxes of floppy discs and a teleprinter, led the pair to create a "synthesis of music and surroundings" across the listen.

"We're trying to make a future for other people to immerse themselves in," Massey offered of the new material. "It feels a bit like an imaginary landscape. That's always been a big part of 808 State, when you go back through the music: these kind of landscapes of futurism."

First single "Tokyo Tokyo" can be heard below. Transmission Suite is now available for pre-order.

Transmission Suite:

1. Tokyo Tokyo
2. Skylon
3. Cannonball Waltz
4. The Ludwig Question
5. Huronic
6. Landau
7. Westland
8. Trinity
9. Ujala
10. Carbonade
11. Pulcenta
12. Angol Angol
13. Bushy Bushy
14. 13 13
15. Crab Claw