3daybinge 3daybinge

Here comes another punk band out of the cold streets of Winnipeg. After forming in 1999, 3daybinge have been taking the usual ambitious steps of touring, touring, touring and independently releasing their self-titled debut. Like many of their Winnipeg counterparts, 3daybinge have put a heavy political slant on their songs, like the anti-war track "Better Way,” the appropriately-titled tale "Summit Up” and the anti-sexist "I Don’t Need a Gun.” This foursome’s influences are pretty steeped in punk streams, namely hardcore and melodic punk, and their sound has a very new school punk distinction. The ten tracks on this album sound pretty typical of the other music that has been coming out of Winnipeg, though the band claims their comparisons are 88 Fingers Louie, Strung Out and Bad Religion. They definitely deserve credit for the breakdowns and guitar solos that really give this album a kick, especially on "The Sweet Smell of Defeat” and "Howard.” They also seem to be more focused on conveying a message rather than getting stuck in the routine of the verse, chorus, verse formula. (Independent)