3 Inches Of Blood

"Leather Lord" (video)

BY Gregory AdamsPublished Sep 7, 2012

Long-running BC-bred metal warriors 3 Inches of Blood are back with yet another video off their recent Long Live Heavy Metal LP. Last time around, the band let most of the attention go towards some chain-sporting sirens in the "Metal Woman" video, but all eyes are on vocalist Cam Pipes and his crew for similarly '80s-minded rocker "Leather Lord."

Visually, things could have got dull had the band not been playing in front of a green screen. Though they pummel their way through some twin guitar leads, and Pipes and six-stringer Justin Hagberg howl into their respective mics, it pretty well just looks like a band jamming in their practice space. That is, until you get those flashy neon backgrounds going -- at one point it looks as if Ash Pearson's double-kick pedal is whomping an interstellar star scene.

You can check out the trippiest lo-budget backgrounds this side of a Hilarious House of Frightenstein dance party down below.

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