1090 Club Natural Selection

Something about this record really makes me want to like it. Maybe it's the eerie violins and pianos, or the way they're paired with hauntingly moody vocals that draw me in even though they're somewhat lacklustre. This isn't brilliance but there's something compelling in the nature of this dark indie beast. Despite this being their sophomore release, 1090 Club remain a little-known secret outside their Montana hometown. Tracks like "Happiness" and "ITSON" show the band's potential, with female and male harmonies that caught the attention of producer Steve Fisk (Nirvana, Minus the Bear) for a second time (he also worked on 2006's Shipwrecked on Shore). There isn't anything groundbreaking here but there is enough innocence, bitterness and charm to warrant a second listen. They need to work a little harder though if they want to stand out. Violins aren't unconventional enough anymore. (Sidecho)